Wedding Centerpieces: Vintage Suitcase Wedding Centerpiece

This retro wedding centerpiece is a fun way to use a vintage suitcase. Incorporate your honeymoon destination into this whimsical retro wedding centerpiece. They are sure to be conversations starters!

To Make a Vintage Suitcase Wedding Centerpiece You Will Need:

  • Vintage Suit Cases
  • Floral Foam
  • Printer
  • Sticker Labels
  • Flowers
  • Shallow Pan
  • Scissors
  • Fabric

To get started on the retro wedding centerpiece you want to clean your vintage suitcases. The hard case can be cleaned with simple soap and water. Vacuum the inside if needed.

Now, apply stickers from the craft store. Look for stickers that look like travel destinations. You can even use the location you will be going to on your honey moon. Another fun choice is to use stickers from the city you are getting married in.

Now, set a shallow pan inside the suit case. Open each lid and make sure it will stay open. Go ahead and set the whole thing on the wedding repetition table. Lay a piece of floral foam in the pan.

Fill with water until about one inch from the top edge.

Now, use the floral foam to stand the flower sin. Try to use flowers that have a sturdy stem. Roses are a great choose. Fill the entire inside of the suitcase up.

Now, around the flowers you need to fill in the base of the suitcase to hide the floral foam. Moss is a fun option, but another great choice is to use fabric.

If you are traveling to Hawaii for your honey moon, then a fun touch is to use Hawaiian shirt fabric. You can use any fabric you wish, so get some inspiration from the fabric store.

Gently se the fabric in and around the flowers in the vintage centerpiece to fill in and complete he look on the vintage suit case.

Tips: Try to use 2 small suitcases on each table. Open the lids and place the two back to back.

You can also use vintage make up cases or children’s suitcases which are much smaller, but have the same look as the vintage suitcases in the centerpiece.

Another great idea is to paint out the vintage suitcases. If they are terrible colors or faded you can spray them with primer first. Once this dried you can paint them out in a shabby chic white or even a metallic spray paint.

Finally, if vintage is the theme for the whole wedding you can add other fun vintage items in that suitcase. Create a sports them on one table to reflect the groom’s interest. On another you can use garters, veils, and other wedding items to carry on a wedding them.